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Help Afghan families

Even before Taliban came in to power, there was a humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, droughts international aid cuts and economic collapse turned crises into catastrophe.

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Prevent starvation in Afghanistan this winter

Half of Afghanistan’s children under five expected to suffer from acute malnutrition as hunger takes root for millions.

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The worst humanitarian crisis

Drought, economic collapse and hunger push Afghanistan to brink of famine

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Failing socio-economic and political instability, decades of armed conflict, protracted population displacement, and recurring natural disasters contributes to deteriorating humanitarian crises in Afghanistan. According to International Rescue Committee, the country could see near universal poverty in 2022 with 97% of Afghans at risk. Afghans are running out of money while prices of food and medicine are skyrocketing. According to United Nations World Food Programme, more than half of Afghanistan’s population is facing acute hunger, and 3.2 million children are suffering from malnutrition. Kuchwan provides humanitarian relief and recovery assistance to those affected by humanitarian crisis.

Our mission is to assist people whose lives are affected by conflict and disasters to recover and gain control of their futures.  As the people of Afghanistan struggle to recover from political instability, armed conflict, and natural disasters, the Kuchwan:

  • provides families with cash assistance, food and other basic necessities
  • provides vocational training in rural areas
  • helps people find employment
  • works with local communities to identify, plan and manage their own development projects